What is FFC Technology?


Brief Overview of FFC Technology

FFC, standing for Ferrous Ferric Chloride, is a revolutionary technology that aims to rejuvenate and revitalize both human health and the environment. Originating from specialized iron compositions, FFC has the power to reverse the deterioration of substances and bring about new life. From enhancing water quality to improving soil fertility, this technology is paving the way for a healthier, more sustainable future for all.

Importance of FFC in Modern Society

In a world increasingly burdened by environmental degradation and health concerns, FFC Technology emerges as a beacon of hope. It transcends the traditional divide between economic growth and environmental preservation, enabling societies to achieve both. The technology transforms “bad water” into “good water,” initiating a positive chain reaction—from revitalizing sterile soil to boosting human health. As the challenges of modern society grow more complex, the versatile applications of FFC Technology offer tangible solutions for a better tomorrow.

What is FFC?


FFC, or Ferrous Ferric Chloride, is a special composition of iron that has the potential to reverse the degradation and deterioration of various substances. This technology aims to revitalize the innate life forces in both humans and the environment, turning “bad water” into “good water” and serving numerous applications from agriculture to public health.

Origins and History

The concept of FFC Technology was born out of both serendipity and two decades of dedicated research. Initially focused on the mass production of orchids using tissue-culture technology, the Akatsuka Group expanded its research to various other flowering trees. It was during these studies that the unique properties of FFC were discovered.

Side-by-side comparisons of substances preserved with ordinary water and FFC Water revealed remarkable differences. For example, strawberries stored in FFC Water stayed fresh for a longer period. Similarly, diseased ornamental plants regained their vitality when irrigated with FFC Water.

The Akatsuka Group has been a pioneer in FFC Technology, with ongoing collaborative research with esteemed institutions like Harvard University since 2004. The technology has already made significant strides in improving public health and the environment.

Core Principles of FFC Technology

At its heart, FFC Technology is driven by the power of Ferrous Ferric Chloride, a unique composition of iron. This compound is believed to have the incredible ability to reverse the deterioration of substances, giving them new life. Essentially, it works on the principle of moving elements from a state of decay towards synthesis and rejuvenation.

This technology serves to revitalize the innate life force not only in humans but also in the environment. FFC focuses on creating “good water,” which sets off a positive chain reaction: turning sterile soil fertile, making plants lush, and enhancing the health of animals and humans who consume these plants.

In addition to being environmentally friendly, FFC technology supports economic growth without sacrificing the well-being of our planet. It’s a sustainable solution designed to work in harmony with nature’s own processes.

Key Components of FFC Technology

Ferrous Ferric Chloride: The Science Behind It

Ferrous Ferric Chloride (FFC) is a unique compound that has garnered attention for its potential in environmental applications, particularly in water and soil remediation. The science behind its effectiveness primarily revolves around the two types of iron ions it contains: Fe2+ (ferrous) and Fe3+ (ferric).

These ions interact with contaminants, such as hydrogen sulfide (H2S), in a way that either neutralizes or precipitates them, thereby purifying the affected environment. Studies have been conducted to analyze the redox potential and the presence of these ions in various conditions, revealing their potential to accelerate decontamination processes. Mössbauer spectroscopy, a specialized technique, has been employed to get insights into the state of iron ions in lake and estuarine sediments.

Reversing Deterioration: How FFC Works

FFC has a neat trick up its sleeve: it can bring back the natural balance of a water body, like a lake or river, that has gone bad over time. It does this by changing something called the “redox potential,” which is a fancy way of saying it makes the water less friendly for bad stuff and more friendly for good stuff. In simpler terms, FFC can make a dirty lake clean and healthy again, making it a better place for fish, plants, and even for us if we want to swim or fish there.

Products and Applications

FFC Pairogen: A New Standard in Health Drinks

Imagine a beverage that’s been loved and relied upon for over three decades. That’s what FFC Pairogen is all about. Utilizing state-of-the-art FFC Technology, this drink boasts an array of balanced vinegars such as those derived from apples, rice, and exotic fruits like persimmon and plum. What sets it apart is its natural sweetness, achieved through an artful blend of fruit concentrates, honey, and Stevia. Rich in essential vitamins like B2, B12, and C, it’s been a go-to wellness drink for all ages. This long-standing reputation is also acknowledged through prestigious awards like the grand gold medals from MONDE SELECTION.

Variants for Everyone’s Needs:

  • Classic Pairogen: A blend that has won hearts for generations, mixing four core vinegars with the added twist of rosehip and grape stem. [25kcal/100ml]
  • Pairogen Gold: A sophisticated option that minimizes the tang, adding a medley of oriental herbs to the original four vinegars. [25kcal/100ml]
  • Pairogen Special Three: For those who like a milder tang, it brings in a fifth vinegar—acerola—and introduces superfruits and wellness-boosting supplements. [16kcal/100ml]
  • Pairogen Non Calorie: Made for the calorie-conscious, it diversifies its flavor profile with a fifth vinegar and offers beauty-boosting additives. [4kcal/100ml]

FFC Skin Care: Beyond Ordinary Skin Products

Taking their expertise beyond beverages, FFC also offers a range of Skin Care products. These products aren’t just another addition to your beauty routine; they are the result of extensive research combining FFC technology with herbal medicine, aimed to elevate the natural function of your skin cells. Here’s a closer look at their line-up:

  • FFC Super Essence: Your All-in-One Solution

Available in Plain and Moisture types, this skin care lotion not only revitalizes your skin but also simplifies your skin care routine. Its versatility extends to your body and even your hair, proving that good things come in multi-purpose packages.

  • FFC Super Shampoo and Treatment: Nature’s Best, Bottled

For those cautious about the impact of chemicals on their skin and hair, this range of hair care products is a breath of fresh, floral-citrus air. Eco-friendly and plant-based, they’re a winning combination for conscientious consumers.

  • FFC Super Soap: A Luxurious Lather

Who says soap has to be harsh? With FFC Super Soap, you can envelop your skin in rich, creamy bubbles and still feel refreshed post-rinse. It’s a gentle touch that leaves a lasting impression.

  • FFC Super Scalp Lotion: Rooted in Wellness

Nurture your scalp with this specialized lotion. Infused with plant-derived nutrients and the synergistic effects of FFC technology, it lays the groundwork for healthy, happy hair.

FFC Ceramics: The Power of Revitalized Water

  • FFC Ceramics: Turning Ordinary into Extraordinary

Not just confined to the realms of health drinks and skin care, FFC also brings its innovative technology to ceramics. Akatsuka’s FFC Ceramics aren’t your average pottery; these are specially formulated from mineral-rich soil and treated with FFC Technology. The unique porous structure amplifies the surface area, making each ceramic ball a miniature powerhouse of potential.

  • Transformative Touch: FFC Water Revitalization System

Imagine turning ordinary tap water into revitalizing FFC Water just by letting it flow through your plumbing system. That’s exactly what this system does. By directly integrating with your plumbing, it ensures every drop that passes through is rejuvenated upon contact with FFC Ceramics.

  • Hassle-free Hydration: FFC Ceramics System in Tank Type

For those who’d rather not fuss with plumbing, there’s an easier option. The tank-type system simply requires you to place the FFC Ceramic balls into a water holding tank. No plumbing alterations are necessary, and the quantity of ceramics needed varies based on the tank size and water usage.

FFC Ace: Revolutionizing Gardening and Agriculture

Soil is the foundation of all terrestrial life, and FFC Ace by Akatsuka aims to rejuvenate this vital component. Not just any soil enhancer, FFC Ace is a unique concoction of natural minerals, charcoal, and organic substances. What sets it apart is the FFC Technology that activates these elements.

  • Boosting Microbial Activity: The Science of Soil Rejuvenation

One of the standout features of FFC Ace is its ability to stimulate soil microorganisms. These tiny life forms play a crucial role in breaking down organic matter into a form that plants can use. By activating these microorganisms, FFC Ace enhances the decomposition process, leading to the creation of rich, loamy soil.

  • Resilient Crops in a Changing World

Thanks to FFC Ace, soil becomes more textured, moist, and aerated. The drainage improves, creating an environment where plants not only grow better but also become more resilient to climate changes and other environmental stresses.

How to Get Involved

Learning about FFC Technology is just the first step; experiencing its benefits can be life-changing. Here’s how you can get involved and make these revolutionary products a part of your life.

Where to Buy FFC Products

If you’re interested in purchasing any of the FFC range of products, you can find them on our website Naturalist Garden. The website offers an easy, secure, and convenient way to shop for FFC technology-enhanced items.

For any inquiries, you can reach out to us at naturalist.garden@gmail.com. is always available to answer any questions you may have and to guide you in making the most out of FFC Technology.

Whether you’re looking to enhance your health, revitalize your skin and hair, improve your soil, or simply discover what FFC Technology can do for you, Naturalist Garden is your go-to resource.